The Art of Christina Bledsoe

wQAdTzaxRHumD%NPu31%TQ_thumb_1881Today I would like to share the work of another artist. Her name is Christina Bledsoe and she is a multi-talented women who has an eye for color, depth and movement. She is a fantasy artist that has recently turned her talents towards making jewelry and sun catchers.

By day she is an ad designer for the Silver State Post in Deer Lodge, Montana, but in her free time, when she is not taking care of her husband and three children, she turns into an art extraordinaire. In my opinion she should be working for Walt Disney Studio’s not a small town weekly newspaper. Who knows, maybe someday this will come to pass. Until then, let me show you what she does. This is some of her art that she exhibits online at

Its plain to see that she has some serious talent. I look forward to one day being able to say, “Yes, I know Christina. In fact I knew her back when she was nothing but an ad designer at a podunk newspaper in Montana.” (All this is going to be said with an air of royal matter of factness.) Until that day, I can enjoy her work and know that it was made by a very talented lady with a huge heart.

This past weekend Chrissy exhibited her handmade wares at a local art and craft show and she made the room shine with her vibrant colors! Both on herself and in her work. Take a look:

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I had gone to the show with the intention of purchasing one of her Montana state sun catchers, which I did, but I also splurged and purchased one of her hand painted necklaces.

Montana Suncatcher

Key Necklace



I drive a light blue New Beetle named Lily, (yes I named my car), and the sun catcher looks great hanging from the mirror.





To see more of Chrissy’s art or to purchase one of her hand painted items or artwork, you can contact her through her facebook page at

Happy Creating Everyone!!

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    • I agree Catherine, her art is beautiful! Her work is a direct reflection of her personality too: Kind, caring and colorful. I hope you had a chance to check out her Devian Art or facebook page, viewing her work is always an inspiration for me. Thanks for commenting!

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