Belle of the Ball

I am a sucker for an antique quilt. I don’t want to own them, I want to examine them. I want to wonder about the person who made them. I want to look at the fabrics, the threads, the stitches. Sometimes I look for antique quilts on Pinterest and occasionally I find one that peaks my interest. This is one of the quilts that I discovered about a year ago and as hard as I have tried, I could not find the pattern in any quilt book.

Antique Quilt

I even took the initiative to post a photo of it on a hand quilting FB group I use to be a member of. No-one knew anything about the pattern. I tried to let the matter rest, but for some reason the quilt kept calling me. Eventually I gave into the calling and I mapped out the design, added some new parts and took careful measurements. This is what I came up with:

Belle of the Ball Pattern by Isabella Eisenbeil

“Belle of the Ball” quilt pattern

I worked on this pattern on and off last summer and I made several samples until I perfected the measurements (I’m not really fond of diagonals). This is one of the blocks I made using scraps of up-cycled fabrics. Several names for the block came to me while I was designing it, but “Belle of the Ball” was the one that stood out most for me: So “Belle of the Ball” it is.

Belle of the Ball block by Isabella Eisenbeil

With all that has happened with me medically since last October, I set it aside and tried to forget about it. It wasn’t happening, this block wanted to be made.

I have this issue with fabric and quilts. I have intentions for doing one thing and it’s as if there is an unseen force constantly nudging me to do something different. I had this problem with the heart quilt I made last year. It’s quite annoying, but there is no ignoring it: It simply will not go away…EVER, unless I do what the fabric or pattern wants. (I know, I’m mental)

So recently I took out the pattern again and I played around with it a bit and before I knew it I had a table runner made.

"Belle of the Ball" table runner by Isabella Eisenbeil

"Belle of the Ball" table runner by Isabella Eisenbeil

"Belle of the Ball" table runner by Isabella Eisenbeil

Could I stop there? Of course not. It’s like feeding a gremlin water after dark, it wants to multiply.

Recent snow storms have prevented me from venturing outside of our town, so I decided to use what fabric I had on hand. Surprisingly, I had just enough fabric left over from the Hawaii quilt to make a twin size quilt."Belle of the Ball" quilt blocks by Isabella Eisenbeil

I had recently picked up a yard of white Bella quilt backing from Birdseye Mercantile for a different project, but I had exactly the right amount to make the white areas of the “Belle of the Ball” quilt, so I used it.

"Belle of the Ball" block by Isabella Eisenbeil

OK, so Bella is making a quilt named “Belle of the Ball” using white fabric that the manufacture calls Bella and I have exactly the right amount of bright fabrics to complete each block. Coincidence? Sigh… this quilt wants to be made, I feel like I am just along for the ride.

Happy Creating!


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    • I tried owning them Deb, but collecting it not for me. I once had a quilt that belonged to my great, great grandmother, it was probably made in the early 1800’s. It was filthy with years of use and then storage but I cherished it. When we moved out west I gave it back to my mother. That is the only old quilt that I miss, because it was part of my family history. I tried purchasing and owning old quilts a few times since then but I always end up giving them away because I hate storing things that have no functional use. I’m an oddity amount quilters 🙂 Thanks for your comment & I hope you have a great day!

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    • Thank you Stephanie. The block is really fun to put together and once I made a few of them, they started to go together really quickly. Thanks for your comment, I hope you have a wonderful day!


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