Hiding Mistakes with a Pleat

I had every intention of writing this article on Saturday, but on Friday I received a phone call asking if I could babysit for the weekend. Of course I said yes; so that is my excuse for missing my weekly posting, yet again. But look, don’t you think it was worth it?

So onto creating…

While I was making my linen curtains a few weeks ago, I discovered that I had mis-measured the windows above my sink and I had cut my cloth too short. I allowed myself a few moments of remorse, but since I had used up most of my fabric, I knew I had to get creative really fast and solve my dilemma without ordering more fabric. My solution was to add a piece of fabric at the top of the curtain and turn the attachment seam into a pleat, so know-one would notice. It worked so well that I thought I would share it.


Pleating a seam 1

I really have no idea what I was thinking when I cut these valances, but I was way off. I only had 2 stripes of 5″ wide fabric left over after cutting out all the curtains, so that is what I used.

Pleating a seam 2

I attached each strip to the curtain using a tiny 1/8″ seam allowance, then I trimmed off about 1/3″ of it before pressing. Trimming was essential here, because it reduces the bulk of the seam significantly, which ensures for a nice pleat.

Pleating a seam 3

I pressed the seam to one side, then…

Pleating a seam 4

… I pressed my pleat in place, with the seam on the underside of it.

Pleating a seam 6

The next step was to proceed the exact same way as I did with the other pleats: Stitch 1/4″ away from the edge using my foot with the guide bar.

Pleating a seam 7

The pleat was pressed, not ironed, in a downward direction.

Pleating a seam 8

The final steps were to hem the sides, bottom and top of the curtain.

Pleating a seam 9

When all was said and done, the pleat looks fine directly below the rod pocket, and no-one will ever know of my blunder… except for those who read this post. You will keep my secret, right?

Happy Sewing!

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