Hand Quilting “Belle of the Ball”

Belle of the Ball is moving quite quickly now because I have been able to work on it for a little bit everyday. I have been consuming large amounts of protein daily and it helps my nervous system and muscles greatly. In just a few days time, I was able not only to hold a needle securely, but my stitches are smaller and more uniform.

Hand Quilting Stitches

Hand Quilting

I also discovered something wonderful that I would like to share with all hand-quilters and that is the use of children’s scissors. I have a really bad habit of leaving my scissors laying on my quilts while I work, often with the sheath laying next to them. My husband is always taking them off of the quilt and telling me that I am going to damage my quilts by doing this. I knew he was right, (please don’t tell him I said that), so after years of him lecturing me, I decided to try out some kid scissors. These are from when my oldest son, now 26, was a small child. As long as I add a bit of tension to the thread that I am going to cut, the scissors cut cleanly leaving no stray fibers to interfere with needle threading. It is the perfect solution for me. They also work great when dropped into an impromptu sewing bag when traveling with your work.

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8 thoughts on “Hand Quilting “Belle of the Ball”

  1. Protein, the great outdoors, and quilting the winning combination. So happy to read your doing better and making progress. Excited to see you finish this. I like the idea of children scissors. I keep a small pair with me all the time but not the safety kind of children. Thanks for the tip.

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  2. So happy to hear you’ve been able to sew a bit every day, I’m certain that brings you joy, which will help in your recovery too! These colors are just yummy, and your choice of thread colors inspire me to think outside my comfort zone! Children’s scissors are much easier on the feet when dropped!😄

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  3. Oh, your photos are so pretty–the act of quilting, with all the necessities! I’m thrilled to hear you’re figuring out how to beat your illness and enjoying your creativity again!

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