Thank you…

Thank youI would like to thank everyone who offered words of wisdom and emotional support over my copyright infringement dilemma. I truly appreciate all your comments on this subject. I am still trying to find someone who can help to remove the offending blog. So far though and have pointed me in other directions.

This has been an illuminating and frustrating situation at the same time. It’s beginning to look like nothing can be done and those of us who have had our work stolen will have to live with it. So chin up and put one foot in front of the other and move on, right?

Thanks again everyone!


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    • I believe you are right. It is just so frustrating though and bewildering. Of all the posts they could have stolen, why choose that one? It really wasn’t about anything in particular… except for the fact that it had all the links to the participant blogs of Kathy’s quilt along. Hhmmm….


  1. I’m so sorry this happened to you. But it did serve the purpose of raising awareness for many of us so your pain served the greater good, I guess. Cold comfort, I suppose.

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  2. Thank you Bella. I know that I need to put my name on all my pictures and work but got lazy in doing this! (Watermark). although I do not know if it matters anymore! Hope things get better. You do such beautiful work! So Sad and it puts out information out there in the cyber land when we comment. I wonder if that is why Blogger changed things on their end to protect email, etc? Who knows.

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