Tutorial Tuesday: Dutch Windmill L.2

Welcome to my new Tutorial Tuesdays!

Dutch Windmill Pattern Preview

Today is all about the 2nd part of the Dutch Windmill assembly. Remember, I’m not giving away all my secrets to this block, so for information regarding measurements, cutting & pressing, as well as nifty tips and tricks, you will have to purchase the pattern from my Etsy page or you can contact me directly and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

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I’m excited to post this next installment of instructions, so lets get right to it.

DW Completed Block SmallPlease remember, this quilt pattern may not be used for consumer purposes without express permission from me. I worked really hard creating this pattern and I would appreciate it if production of this piece remains ethical. Thank you.

Also, if you decide to make this block, please share your end results with me, I would LOVE to see your work!





DW Step 2:1

Today we are starting with the “E” and “F” pieces. First you need to cut them into the appropriate sizes. (PDF Printable Instructions)





DW Step 2:2

Lay the “F” piece onto of the “E” piece and stitch them together. You will have 4 individual sections now.





DW Step 2:2.2After careful pressing of the seam allowances, you are going to cut each blade into 4 sections.





DW Step 2:3Using 4 pieces of the “EF” block at a time, begin sewing them together to form 4 strips of 4 blocks. Here is where assembly of this block and uniting them with the following pieces becomes tricky. For added information you will need the complete instructions.




DW Step 2:4Take one of your “G” pieces and place it on top and pin as per the instructions. Stitch and press, then trim the entire section as described in the instructions.




DW Step 2:5H” is the next piece of fabric that you will need and it sits opposite the “G” piece. Pin as per the instructions. Stitch and press and trim as directed.



DW Step 2:6Take the rotor that you made in lesson 1 and lay it to one side of one of the windmill blades as instructed and stitch.



DW Step 2:7Take a second windmill blade and attach it to the opposite side. Press as instructed.



That’s it! You now have two pieces to the Dutch Windmill puzzle. The blades are a bit tricky, so it you have any questions about the assembly, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Sewing Everyone!!!





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