Hot off the Ironing Board!

The New Quilt Block

After weeks of designing, measuring, cutting and testing a lot of patterns, I finally decided on a design to accompany my windmill blocks.

Diagrams and measurements

Pattern Designing


Here is my new block titled “Dutch Tulips”.

Tulip quilt block designed by Isabella Eisenbeil

“Dutch Tulips” designed by Isabella Eisenbeil

The block pictured above, is only a sample, it is not the actual block that will get sewn into my quilt. It was made with the Walmart fabrics that I mentioned in my post last Friday, and I have to say they are perfect fabrics for testing out new patterns. With all the blocks that I have made over the past 3 weeks, I have wasted a lot of fabric, but I don’t feel guilty about it because it only totaled about $6.00. This is a huge difference over using quilt store fabrics to test patterns.

Balancing Different Patterns

Windmills and Tulips

“Dutch Windmill’s” and “Dutch Tulips”

As you can see, the new tulips look great with the windmills. The size of each flower within the block is a perfect complement to the windmills as well as the diagonal direction of the blades and tulip centers.

Although I haven’t had a chance to test my theory yet, I believe this new block will still hold interest if it was made with a wide variety of colors and used as the only pattern in a quilt. What do you think?

Happy Creating!

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