I’m having a ball!

…Of yarn that is.

I haven’t been quilting, because we have been remodeling the master bedroom. When we removed all the furniture to take up the old flooring, my husband stored it all in my sewing room so I could not get to my quilt frame. I did however have access to the sewing room closet which houses all my yarn. So I thought it might be a good idea to get a head start on the winter season by measuring and organizing all the excess yarn that I have acquired over the last few years.

Bin of Yarn 1

Bin of Yarn 2

With my handy-dandy niddy-noddy and my nostepinne in hand, I set to work.

Niddy-Noddy and Nostepinne

My niddy-noddy is a very simplistic tool made out of PVC and it works great especially when I use it for my homespun wool. You see the caps come off the ends so the whole thing can be submerged in warm water when I set the fibers. Wooden niddy-noddy’s don’t do that, they float.

My nostepinne, however, is made from wood. My husband made it for me a few years ago and I love it! It’s every bit as nice as the ones you can purchase online, but those aren’t made with love like my was.


I use to think that I wanted a yarn winder, but after using my nostepinne for a while, I realized that this slower, more methodical method, allows me to closely examine my yard while I wind it, I like that. In a few of the yarn balls that I have made this past week, I found flaws in the strands that I was able to tend too before it got to the knitting or crochet stage of creation. These flaws might have been missed if I had not been paying such close attention to what I had been doing.

Rolled Yarn 1

After each ball of yarn had been wrapped around my niddy-noddy, I measured how many yards I had. Once the measurement was taken, I wrapped each into a center-pull ball using the nostepinne.  The final touch was adding a tag to each ball that tells me how many yards of each of them has.

If I happened to know what type of yarn I was measuring and winding, or what type of fiber it was, I added that information to the label as well.

Basket of Yarn

I still have more to do, but I have gotten a good start on the task. Now if I want to make something, I know exactly how many yards I have on hand.

Happy Creating!!

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