Belle of the Ball

After months of work, my “Belle of the Ball” quilt is finally complete!

"Belle of the Ball" Quilt by Isabella Eisenbeil

“Belle of the Ball” Quilt: Designed, made and hand quilted by Isabella Eisenbeil

It is a little larger than a typical twin size quilt, with the completed measurement being 75 x 90″.

The design of this quilt all started out with an idea that came to me from an old quilt that I came across a little over a year ago.

Antique Quilt

I fell in love with the simplicity of the pattern, but as hard as I tried to find a name for the pattern, no-one, not even historians, had a name for it. So I decided to re-make the design for myself, with a few additional pieces to it. For the full story and progress on the quilt you can read the “Belle of the Ball” posts by clicking on the “Categories” link on the right-hand side bar.

My fabric choices were a bit odd for me, as I used the remaining scraps from grandsons “Hawaii” baby quilt. Normally I love scrappy quilts or ones made from reproduction fabrics, but I wanted to use up what fabric I had on-hand. Although I would never have deliberately purchased tropical batiks for this quilt, I have to say that I love it. It is a bright and cheerful addition to my home which is painted in soft pastels with lots and lots of white trim and adornments.

We even had fun photographing this quilt outside against all the wonderful autumn colors.

"Belle of the Ball" quilt. Designed, made and hand quilted by Isabella Eisenbeil

“Belle of the Ball” quilt. Designed, made and hand quilted by Isabella Eisenbeil

I look forward to making this quilt again only next time I want to do it in the colors and patterns of the antique sample I have shown above. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

Happy Creating Everyone!!!!!

15 thoughts on “Belle of the Ball

  1. It came out simply gorgeous. I love the bright colors and the whole feel. Quite a great contrast with the fall background too in the photo shot. I love it! Is it bordered with brown and black? Great choice! ~ Sharon

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  2. You have made a really beautiful quilt and to have finished it so quickly with all that lovely hand quilting is quite an achievement. To my mind the block is a variation on the Economy Block – with a lot added! Lovely!

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    • Yes Allison, I do believe it was a variation of the Economy Block. I don’t know if the designer deliberately placed the blue pieces outside of the bounds of the square on purpose or if it was an happy accident. Either way though, it is a nice variation of the block.


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