Going Dutch

Hello and Happy Autumn Everyone!!! The leaves here in Montana are changing color and falling from the trees way to fast. We have already had our first snow fall of the year and all our winter clothing has been dusted off in anticipation of another long and cold winter. 

Our wood stove has a nice crackling fire in it most nights now and I am back to spending my days in the sewing room. This week I have started working on my “Going Dutch” quilt again as well as having started a new life project. But lets talk Dutch first.

This is where I left off on my “Going Dutch” back in August:

"Going Dutch" Quilt blocks by Isabella Eisenbeil

“Going Dutch” Quilt blocks

This is what I accomplished this past week:

"Dutch Tulips" Quilt Blocks by Isabella Eisenbeil

“Dutch Tulips” Quilt Blocks

18 tulip blocks have been completed this week alone, which brings the total up to 24. 

Next week I will work on the additional windmill blocks that I need to complete the quilt top and, with any luck, I can start to sew everything together.

I mentioned that I have a new life project going on and I would like to share it with you. As you know I love quilts, but I also have a passion for American history. I love nothing more than learning about the people, their homes and their lives. If there was such a thing as a time machine, I would have been on it a long time ago, with my destination set sometime around 1830. Since that is not possible, I have had to content myself with reading about the past and visiting museums, living history towns and ghosts towns. 

Churn Dash QuiltEvery so often I find a battered and torn quilt, a discarded piece of personal history, and I wonder about the person who made it. Some of these quilts even speak to something inside of me and I have a deep desire to reproduce them using fabrics of the same colors, designs and textures. All too often these sparks of inspiration lay dormant in my brain and my thoughts of them never come to fruition. 


T QuiltA few weeks ago I came across another antique quilt and the thought of it would not leave me alone, so I made a decision to reproduce it exactly as it would have looked when its original owner created it. Since that second when I decided to take action, my life has been moving forward at a speed that has me stunned and excited.


This new journey will not be a part of Created by Bella though. Instead, I have made a new blog that will document my journey and it is called, “Then and Again Quilts”, which I invite you to visit. On this new blog I will explore antique quilts, the fabrics and notions used and, when the information is available, the women who made them. For me it is going to be a journey into the past and I very much hope that you will join me.

Then and Again Icon

Created by Bella will stay up and I will continue to blog about what I am currently creating. One site will be a bit more modern and the other will be about quilts of the past and their reproduction counterparts. I hope to see you there!


14 thoughts on “Going Dutch

  1. Oh I love the idea of your new blog and have just followed on it. I too love the older quilts, the story, the history of it. I will be looking forward to your posts. The windmill quilt is gorgeous and a favorite. Brrrr, snow, bundle up and happy quilting! ~ Sharon

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