The Blocks are Finished!

The “Going Dutch” quilt is moving along quilt quickly now. I was able to complete another 8 Windmills this week for the outer border of the quilt…

Going Dutch: Border Blocks 72

… and the 12 blocks that make up the center section were stitched together.

Going Dutch: Center Panel 72

I changed out some colors from my original layout to make the piece a bit more interesting.

I am going to be doing a quilt as you go method with this piece because I want to be able to stitch it on my sewing machine instead of hand quilting it. I have done the quilt as you go before and although I don’t particularly care for this method, it is much quicker. It should prove to be interesting though because I am making it queen size and I am not going to be stitching the blocks individually. Instead I am going to be quilting it in sections, then assembling the larger pieces after they have been quilted. Please wish me luck!

Going Dutch: Close Up 72

Happy Sewing!!

4 thoughts on “The Blocks are Finished!

  1. I love Going Dutch ~ such beautiful craftsmanship on this. I have never machine stitched a quilt, and the process sounded terrifying to me but I know it will turn out fabulous with you at the machine! Excited to see it finished.

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