The Anatomy of the Inner Border

Each day over the last week, I have spent a few hours constructing the inner border for my Going Dutch quilt.The 3 sections are not assembled yet, and I know it doesn’t look like I have accomplished much, but there was a lot of little pieces to work with, especially when it comes to the pinwheels which were made with scraps from the tulip blocks and are only 3” square.

First I made all the blue and green flying geese border pieces, of which there are 42. 

1st section of the border

The Flying Geese border has not been attached yet.

Next I cut 4 border strips of the dark blue Grunge fabric, which will hold appliquéd Sunbonnet Sue’s, Sam’s and “wooden” shoes. This is the part of the quilt I can’t wait to spend time working on.

2 Sections of the Border


Lastly I have all 66 pinwheels made from the trimmings of the tulip blocks. 

3 Sections of the Border

Next week I will add dark blue borders to each one and sew everything together.

I hope everyone has a safe and joy-filled weekend!!

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