Dutch Windmill Quilt Pattern Tutorial

The following is the step by step instructions for the Dutch Windmill pattern that I designed. I will publish a little of the pattern each week with clear photographs, simple instructions and some added tips and tricks here and there. 

What will not be contained in the online instructions will be the measurements, pressing instructions (which are super important for this block), trimming notations or important tips that will be needed by the person making the block. If you would like this additional information you will have to purchase a PDF version of the pattern which can be obtained on Etsy for $5.00.

You can purchase the pattern, with full instructions here:Etsy Logo

DW Completed Block Small

In the pattern instructions there are 12 different size pattern pieces. Each of these is labeled with a letter, so you will have A-L. To keep in accordance with the written pattern, I will use the letters to identify the pieces.




DW Step 1:9Today’s piece of the pattern is the Center Rotor. This is the easiest part of the pattern and many people reading this tutorial have already made quilt blocks like this.




DW Step 1:1Take your 4 “B” pieces and mark them with a diagonal line on the back of the squares as shown.





DW Step 1: 2

Place one of the “B” squares on the bottom right corner of the “A” square and stitch on the marked line.





DW Step 1:3

Rotate the whole block and add a second “B” square as shown. Stitch on the line.





DW Step 1:4Trim off the excess fabric and press open.





DW Step 1:5






DW Step 1:6Place the last two “B” blocks onto the piece and again, stitch on the marked lines. Trim off the excess and press open.





DW Step 1:7






This section of the block needs to be pressed well and trimmed. For full instructions please purchase the pattern here: Created by Bella Etsy Shop


DW Step 1:8

Attach the 2 “C” pieces, one on each side.




DW Step 1:9 Lastly, sew the 2 “D” pieces on the remaining two sides.





This center block needs to be trimmed down to the correct size. For the correct measurements and other pertinent information you need to purchase the pattern.


The Blades:

Begin with the “E” and “F” pieces. First you need to cut them into the appropriate sizes. (PDF Printable Instructions)

DW Step 2:2

Once cut, lay the “F” piece onto of the “E” piece and stitch them together. You will have 4 individual sections now.





DW Step 2:2.2After careful pressing of the seam allowances, you are going to cut each blade into 4 sections.





DW Step 2:3Using 4 pieces of the “EF” block at a time, begin sewing them together to form 4 strips of 4 blocks. Here is where assembly of this block and uniting them with the following pieces becomes tricky. For added information you will need the complete instructions.




DW Step 2:4Take one of your “G” pieces and place it on top and pin as per the instructions. Stitch and press, then trim the entire section as described in the instructions.




DW Step 2:5H” is the next piece of fabric that you will need and it sits opposite the “G” piece. Pin as per the instructions. Stitch and press and trim as directed.



DW Step 2:6Take the rotor that you made in lesson 1 and lay it to one side of one of the windmill blades as instructed and stitch.



DW Step 2:7Take a second windmill blade and attach it to the opposite side. Press as instructed.


To be continued… (soon)

If you do decide to purchase the pattern, know that it comes with full technical support from myself. Also, this quilt pattern may not be used for consumer purposes without express permission from me. I worked really hard creating this pattern and I would appreciate it if production of this piece remains ethical. Thank you.

If you decide to make this block, please share your end results with me, I would LOVE to see your work!